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Christmas Loans Uk specialise in helping people with poor credit history get hold of a Christmas Loan for bad credit. As lenders who specialise in helping those with an adverse credit past, we can ensure you and your loved ones stay warm this Christmas. Your friendly poor credit history experts. CLUK.

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Bad Credit Christmas Loans 2018

For all your poor credit history Christmas loan needs.

Yep, times goes fast, doesn’t it? Christmas December the 25th is almost here. Do you need a Christmas loan to help you out? Need a Christmas loan for bad credit history? If you’re here, the chances are you need a cheap cash Xmas Loan to help you get through the 2018 festive periods and get you, your children, relatives, and friends some lovely nice presents, enjoy a nice family meal but more importantly make yourself and your finances stretch until the first payday in January, which, let’s face it, often feels like an eternity away.

Need a loan?

No matter what your individual financial circumstances, we market specifically to those whom have a blemished credit file, meaning you have a much greater chance of being accepted.

Loan Eligibility

You must be aged 18 or over, have at least some proof of id/bank account. If you do not have a bank account we can arrange a doorstep Christmas loan. You must have some form of income, even if it is from benefits.

We understand

Sadly for parents, Father Christmas doesn’t really exist. We understand how stressful Christmas can be when you don’t have the money to pay for it all. Enquire about your loan today.

Christmas Payday Loans

Christmas has many blessings, such as often being paid your salary much earlier than you usually would be, but this can also be a curse. January becomes the most awaited payday of the year.

Defaults, CCJ's?

Whether your bad credit history is from a default on an old loan, a county court judgment, unpaid credit card debt, can help.

No Bank account?

Enquire online to find out about the various ways in which we can help you get hold of money in time for Christmas, such as Christmas doorstep loans for those who do not have a bank account.

Your adverse credit Christmas loan experts

How to get an Xmas Loan

To get hold of your Christmas loan for poor credit, enter some details into the contact form and let us here at fix you up with some lovely cheap money to tide you over and make Xmas 2018 a little better than cheap stocking fillers from Poundland.

Whether you’ve got lots missed payments showing on your credit file, defaults on your credit report or any court judgments, which would ordinarily stop you getting hold of a credit card, bank loan, mortgage and can even stop you getting a payday loan, none of that matters to us. Christmas Loans UK specialise in poor credit festive loans specifically for Christmas, helping people pay for it by spreading the costs weekly or monthly beginning the following January. Let us be your Saint Nick this Christmas because, sadly for parents, Saint Nick doesn’t really exist.

Cash Christmas Loans For Poor / Impaired Credit History

Christmas With Bad Credit.

Christmas Loans for bad credit history UK specialise in getting those with adverse credit the money they need to make their Christmas a great deal more spectacular. No matter your circumstances we’d love to hear from you. Christmas Loans UK – Because sadly for parents, Santa Claus doesn’t really exist.

Let us take care of Christmas with a cheap loan

Whether you need a short-term cash advance like a Christmas payday loan, have adverse credit history and need a bad credit Christmas loan, are unemployed or underemployed and need a Christmas loan for unemployed people, out of work and need a Christmas loan for people on benefits, have terrible credit history showing missed payments and defaults and need a no credit check Christmas loan, or in education needing a Christmas loan for students, we’re a Christmas loan lender who specialises in this time of year. Benefit from our teams experience in all things finance and get the money you need to make your Christmas 2017 a great one.

When will i get my money?

Here at Christmas Loans Uk, we don’t mess about. As soon as you hit send on the loan enquiry form we receive your message and get to work. We understand how important it is to deliver a fast and efficient quick cash loan service to people with bad credit all over the United Kingdom.

What is the loan interest rate?

Loan interest rates are variable. But you’ll be looking in the region of 27.99% to take out a Christmas loan with Christmas Loans UK. This means for every £100 pounds we loan you, £127.00 will be repayable over a fixed loan agreement term.

How much can i borrow?

X-mas cash loans are designed for the short term borrower. You can spread the cost of your loan over anywhere between 3 and 12 months. A very fair loan repayment plan giving you plenty of time to spread the cost of your speedy cash loan to bail you out of your current financial difficulty.

Christmas loans referral scheme

Have any friends or family members who also need a helping hand to pay for Christmas? Refer them to us and get a 30£ discount on your loan. You can refer as many people as you like.

Christmas Loans No Credit Check

Have bad credit? Scared of being credit checked? Don’t worry, we offer Christmas loans on no credit check terms. We won’t make your credit history worse.

Do you give loans to people on benefits?

We take applications from people who are from all walks of life, whether you are on benefits, disability allowances or income support, we can help you with a cheap Christmas cash loan.

How easy is it to get a loan?

It isn’t as stringent applying for a Christmas loan as it is to apply for a loan with a High street bank, but you will still need to pass the affordability process, which isn’t as difficult but still required by law.

What can you use your Christmas loan for?

As long as you can afford the loan repayments, you can spend it on Christmas presents, cars, holidays, or even winter bills.

What happens if you do not repay your loan?

We try to offer our Xmas clients as much flexibility as we can but ultimately a failure to repay your loan on time will result in a negative mark on your credit file.

How to apply?

Simply pop your details into the loan enquiry form on the contact us page and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

Bad Credit: What is it?

The term bad credit refers to anyone who has unpaid debt that has lowered their creditworthiness. If a debt has defaulted, it means the loan agreement wasn’t maintained by multiple missed payments. This, sadly, is taken very seriously by lenders, those with defaults or CCJ’s find it difficult to obtain finance from high street lenders and have to seek out adverse credit lenders, like Christmas loans for bad credit history, to secure the finance they need.

We are a UK lender, we also accept enquiries from people wanting a Christmas Loan in the USA, which we give to our sister company.

Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun, ’tis the season’ for love and understanding, Merry Christmas, everyone.

The Christmas Loans For Bad Credit Team.